Top Three Health Benefits of Swimming

There are still many questions surrounding the global pandemic, so we’re keeping our focus on all the great things that will come after it passes. One of those is the reopening of beaches and pools. While we may not be diving into the water right now, we’ll be able to eventually. Let’s work up the motivation to come out of this better than ever — starting with swimming. There are lots of health benefits of swimming; here are three of them:

1. It is a low-impact activity

Low-impact activities are the kind of activities that have little to no force between your body and another object. Some sports — running, skiing and gymnastics, for example — lead to a great force between your body and another object (usually the ground). But swimming? It’s a nice, gentle glide through the water, which is better for your joints in the long run.

2. Swimming = cardio + muscular endurance + strength

It’s hard to find an exercise or activity that incorporates the trifecta (cardio, muscular endurance and strength), but swimming definitely checks off all the boxes. If you’re looking to lean into one more than the other, just change up the duration or type of exercises you perform.

3. Full-body workout

You’re kicking, you’re tightening your core, you’re moving your arms. With swimming, the entire body is engaged and working hard to propel you through the water. If you’re looking for a workout that targets all or most of the muscles of your body, swimming may be just the exercise for you.


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