Park District Closes Off High-Risk Areas and Installs Life Rings

After the tragic news of a recent 19-year-old drowning near Rogers Park Beach, the Park District has decided to install life rings and close off high-risk swimming areas.

The motion followed a previous decision to remove life rings at a notoriously dangerous pier, Tobey Prinz Beach Park, where 19-year-old Miguel Cisneros recently drowned.

We can expect to see all of these changes made by the swimming season of 2022, but many changes are being made effective immediately — including the introduction of caution signs around the piers.

When the life rings are installed at all the beaches in the area, the equipment will link to an app system that notifies employees when the life rings are removed — so they can quickly replace them. While this won’t help with immediate rescues, it will ensure that life rings are always in their rightful places.

The district is still debating the exact right next steps, other than the interim solutions they’ve devised. One thing is for sure: Lifeguards are always needed to provide the best, quickest care for swimmers and drowning victims.


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