What is Important About Using a Lifeguard Whistle?

Lifeguard attire varies from one guard to another. You may see some lifeguards in a traditional red suit and you may see others in a striped suit. Uniform code typically depends on the facility where you work, the temperature outside, and the season. With that said, you may have the option to use a lifeguard whistle, and we’re here to tell you why it’s important:

Alert Patrons

As you can probably guess, the primary purpose of a lifeguard whistle is to be able to alert patrons when you need to. If people are roughhousing in the water, use your whistle. If someone is out of the boundary, use your whistle. If you see something suspicious in the water… use your whistle! You probably get the gist here.

Fight the Noise

Beaches and pools can get really noisy, and although most people are aware that a lifeguard is present, they may forget to pay attention to you. If you need to communicate something to everyone around you or if the noise levels are getting too high, a lifeguard whistle comes in handy.

Part of the Uniform

It may seem silly, but whistles are part of the typical garb for a lifeguard. It’s iconic, and it’s another way to make sure you stand out from the crowd. It’s important that people are aware of you and that they know you are a trustworthy lifeguard on duty, so anything you can do to highlight your role is a bonus.

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