How to put together a lifeguard outfit

How to assemble a lifeguard outfit Lifeguards are easily spotted because they’re known for their signature outfits. We typically think of the traditional bright red suit with a white cross stitched across the front, but lifeguard outfits can really vary. If you’re trying to put […]

Lifeguard Day

Lifeguard Day Declared!

Lifeguard Day Declared! Company Offers Special Saving for Lifeguards! A Florida lifeguard equipment supply company, is offering special saving to Lifeguards this Wednesday, July 10 to honor their service and sacrifice. Lifeguards work tirelessly long hours this time of year to keep patrons at […]

47 Meters Down Movie Poster

47 Meters Down Movie Poster & T-Shirt Giveaway!*

Lifeguard TV® 47 Meters Down Movie Poster & T-Shirt Giveaway! Hey Lifeguards and 47 Meters Down Movie Fans, are you excited about the 47 Meters Down Movie in theaters this month?® will be including a free 47 Meters Down Movie Poster with every order […]