Florida Lifeguards Test Their Skills with 20th Annual 2-Mile Paddleboard Series

Every year, the Florida Beach Patrol Chiefs Association and the United States Lifesaving Association Southeast Regional team up to host an annual paddleboard series. This year is no different—other than the fact that it marks 20 years of the tradition. The 2-Mile paddleboard series is designed to train lifeguards and sharpen their skills to be able to participate in the competition.


For the competition, lifeguards competed on a two-mile course that was two laps in total. The biggest challenge? Losing your board. “Anything can happen, you could lose your board and it was anybody’s race,” said Pompano Beach Ocean Rescue lifeguard Lesley Shahan.

The paddleboard series isn’t for the faint of heart. These lifeguards give their 110% effort to navigate the tumultuous waves over the course of two miles. The overall champion of this race, Roman Strohmenger, said, “I train five days a week and with two kids that keep me busy. These events help promote lifeguards being in top physical shape and at the end of the day, I love to paddle.”

Who knows? Maybe you’ll be competing in the 21st annual paddleboard series!

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