Florida’s Sea Turtle Season is Back

We’re continuing to celebrate small joys and find the positives in light of the current global pandemic, and one joy that we’re celebrating is sea turtle season. Curious what that means exactly? Read along to learn more!

When is sea turtle season?

In Florida, sea turtle season spans from May 1st to October 31st. It’s a special time of year when our beaches welcome sea turtles to come up to the shore and lay eggs.

What time of day do sea turtles lay eggs?

Typically, sea turtles lay eggs after sunset. It’s hard to see them in the dark, but it’s really magical if you do get the chance to see them. It’s important that you don’t shine any lights near them, as they follow the moon to know how to get back to the ocean.

How many eggs does a sea turtle lay at one time?

Sea turtle nesting is a bit different from the way humans give birth. These sea turtles typically lay an average of 110 eggs per nest.

How many times to sea turtles lay eggs?

During these months, sea turtles sure stay busy. The average sea turtle has between 2 to 8 nests per season.

It’s truly an exciting time to celebrate new life. If you get the chance to see any sea turtles while you’re visiting the beach, stay respectful and enjoy the process!

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