Ultimate Recap of Lifeguard Saves This Fourth of July

Near and far, this past Thursday was spent with national pride as we celebrated 243 years of independence. Whether you were watching fireworks from the comfort of your home or splashing around in the ocean, a ​safe​ holiday is always a successful one—so much so that the American Red Cross​ issued a guide on how to stay safe during your festivities. Here’s a recap on big lifeguard news from the past weekend:

1) Newport Beach Parade

The Fourth of July was a busy day for ​Orange County​ beaches with a parade in Huntington Beach and festivities all along the beaches of Newport City. The city streets were bustling with bright lights and festive colors, beachgoers, and parade attendees. The beach side was just as crowded, which made for a busy day for the lifeguard crew. 55 rescues were reported by mid-afternoon, but luckily, none of them were major incidents.

2) Brevard County Beach Celebrations

Our very own town in ​Brevard County​ celebrated in big ways for July 4th. Beginning early in the morning, beachgoers were flocking to Brevard’s beautiful beaches. The crowds didn’t lighten up in the slightest, as lifeguards reported seeing a constant flow of people all day. By 7 p.m., reports showed no rescues, three heat related emergencies, one medical emergency, three incidents of close encounters with vessels, and three cases of missing children. All in all, Brevard crowds stuck to their safety rules for an enjoyable, relaxed day at the beach!

3) Oahu’s Floatilla Event

With Hawaii beaches being a popular spot for tourists and swimmers of all kinds, it’s important that lifeguards are prepared for anything that is thrown their way. Honululu Ocean Safety officials always anticipate large crowds for July 4th, especially with Oahu’s Floatilla Event, an annual drinking and floating event. This Independence Day, however, the beaches of Oahu saw significantly less emergencies — 100 to be exact. In the past, ​Floatilla​ events have accrued more than 450 rescues, so this was a much more relaxed holiday for the residents of Oahu.

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