Lifeguards Are Now Training With Puppies

If there’s one thing lifeguards love more than the water, it would be puppies. Now, puppies are training to become lifeguard sidekicks. Before you enlist your furry friend to help man the seas, read on to learn exactly how puppies are joining the lifeguarding team.

Puppy lifeguards are not uncommon overseas. In fact, Italian puppy lifeguards save 20 lives every year. Italy was the first country to recognize dogs as lifeguards — but now, canine guards are making their way to Germany and the U.S.

Scarborough Beach State Park (in Scarborough, Maine) trained a Newfoundland pup on rescuing drowning victims this summer. The pup’s name is Beacon, and he’s as well-loved as he is well-trained.

How? Beacon, like most other canine lifeguards, doesn’t perform rescues all on her own. She goes into the water with a human lifeguard and provides support to the drowning victim. The dogs wear vests for drowning victims to hold on to while they paddle back to the shore.

While you probably won’t see lifeguard pups overtaking your local beach or pool, you may start to see a few furry faces helping perform rescues alongside their human friends. How paw-some is that!

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