Lifeguard Instructor Deems Old Vinyl Rescue Tubes To Be Biohazard

In a recent Lifeguard Training class, the Lifeguard Instructor pointed out some very crucial factors to consider in using the old vinyl coated rescue tubes. First, as the Lifeguard Instructor points out in the video, vinyl tubes can be very slippery which makes the rescuer’s job difficult when performing a rescue. The Instructor also explains how when an old-style vinyl coated foam rescue tube becomes compromised by a small or large split or crack, that the tube absorbs water making it heavier and thus less effective for performing rescues. Even more importantly, the Lifeguard Instructor points out the fact that the now compromised rescue tube becomes a bio-hazard by absorbing vomit, blood or other hazardous bodily fluids. She states that a contaminated rescue tube can be a threat to public health and safety.

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