New American Red Cross Kickboard Design Makes Aquatic Industry Waves!

The American Red Cross swam outside the box of traditional kickboard design with their new Surf & Swimming Pool Kickboard. The name alone gives you an idea of the new kickboard’s potential uses.

For decades, kickboards had a pretty basic design, lacking much in the way of hydrodynamics. In recent years, kickboard designs have made attempts at advancement, but often with extreme shapes that did little to improve actual performance. Enter the Red Cross Surf & Swimming Pool Kickboard. This board appears to have achieved the balance between hydrodynamic shape and performance in a sort of aquatic harmony. The kickboard features a revolutionary thumb grip handhold and a patented Speed-Bottom™ design that optimizes water gliding for both speed and endurance swim training. It is also stated to be made of an incredibly durable, UV resistant, waterproof material.

To our knowledge, this is the first kickboard that the Red Cross has felt strongly enough about to put their name on. The new kickboard is rumored to be the first in a series of new American Red Cross innovative aquatics products.

For more information about the American Red Cross Surf & Swimming Pool Kickboard click here!

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