Memorial Day 2019 Surf Forecast: Brevard County

Memorial Day weekend feels like the first holiday of the summer. Whether you’re kicking off the season with quick vacation or you’re heading to the beach, staying safe should always be a priority. If you do happen to be hitting the beach, be aware of the rip currents Brevard County beaches are currently experiencing.

What’s the deal?

Isn’t there always a rip current? Many people are misled by rip currents, trapped into thinking every beach has a rip current threat. In reality, the strength of a rip current or the prevalence of rip currents varies from beach to beach and coast to coast. The East Coast of Florida, for example, is more likely to experience rip currents than the West Coast of Florida.

You know it’s strong and it has the propensity to pull you further into the ocean. What you probably don’t know is how it actually works. According to the ​National Ocean Service​ website, a rip current is a powerful, narrow channel of fast-moving water. In other words: Dangerous.

The Impact in Brevard

If you’re a Brevard native, you likely know all about rip currents. Stay calm, don’t swim away from or against the rip current, swim parallel to the pull. Most importantly, you know to be swimming at a beach with a lifeguard in plain sight.

This week and weekend there will be a particularly high level of rip currents. We see this partially because of the full moon. Rip currents are impacted by the moon’s gravitational pull, so when the full moon is in cycle, the tides are lower and the risk of larger pulls increases.

Stay safe

As always, bring your sense of caution with you to the beach. The water is fun, summer days are in full swing, and the beach is a perfect place to relax and have a good time. Just be sure to keep your safety knowledge in your back pocket as you enjoy your beach filled days.
​ recently held lifeguard tryouts for summer 2019. The tryouts took place on May 11, so you can expect the beaches to start really populating with qualified lifeguards in the coming weeks.


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