How to Make Water Safety a Cool Family Tradition

What creates family water-safety? Water-safety can be defined as the state of any family’s (or community’s) education, experience and capability in and around the water; or alternatively, “a water-skilled, water-smart, water-strong family”. How we plan and present our water safety program should include both work and play, however, the family (and community) still perceives water-safety as strictly “work”.

We want them to love the water. Maybe its time to promote the “play”. Organized family play is the cool tradition on land, and a thriving multi-billion dollar industry, but is missing in the water. Water-play, requiring individual expression, teamwork, and playmaking, can be the key to engaging the majority of your community in a sustainable, successful and ever-growing water-safety program. The name of this international water-safety program/sports-game is called “Skwim”.

As a society, we should take a look at the dynamic adaptability of Skwim to any aquatic program or facility, and how Skwim is the missing link in drowning prevention, lifesaving programs, and community engagement.

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