What Is The True Value Of A Lifeguard? Lifeguards Are First Responders, Now More Than Ever

Written by Shelby Moss

Lifeguards are essential employees at every beach, pool, water parks and resort: where there are people swimming, there are lifeguards. Individuals that serve as lifeguards have been putting their lives on the line to serve the public & keep the water safe. These people work hard to make the beaches a safe & fun space for tourists and locals alike.

Now more than ever lifeguards are needed; as beaches, pools, & waterparks begin to reopen swimmers are flocking to the water. But is it safe for lifeguards to revive people? The personal risk that lifeguards take to do their job has just increased exponentially due to the Covid-19 global pandemic. The duty of a lifeguard is to safeguard everyone in or around the water and rescue anyone who gets caught in danger. ​Rescue anyone, this means lifeguards are now at a higher risk of contracting coronavirus when performing their daily duties..

In the same way stock for hand sanitizer, masks, and cleaner has skyrocketed so should the value of a lifeguard whose job now poses significantly higher risks.

Lifeguards are on the front lines of the beaches and should be as dutifully protected as other first responders and medical professionals. An already often treacherous job has now become dangerous in a new way because of coronavirus and the industry should embrace that change. The business of life guarding has gone up in risk for those on the front lines and the value of the worker is set to follow suit.

Those patrolling the water were not given any PPE prior to the coronavirus and now that it has arrived lifeguards are at risk every time they enter the water. Even if given this equipment, it would often interfere with their job. It is impossible to revive someone while wearing a plastic face guard. The risk that these individuals are putting themselves at makes them first responders. Actually, these individuals do their job before first responders ever arrive.

Without lifeguards our beaches, lakes, pools, and waterparks would not be safe. These professionals deserve to be regarded as the hard-working healthcare professionals that they are and should be compensated at a respectable level. The valuation of a lifeguard has just increased tenfold and it is time for society to respect the dedication of a professional lifeguard as a first responder.

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