This Week on Lifeguard News™

  • Connecticut’s second rescue this week: Bridgeport lifeguard saves 28-year-old man from drowning.
  • Meanwhile, the Omaha City Mayor implements Omaha Lifeguards Appreciation Day on July 29th.
  • Elsewhere in Los Angeles, female lifeguard completes an arduous 10-Hour Swim from Catalina to Palos Verdes — and says it is the first of many marathon swims she plans to accomplish.
  • In response to the recent death of 19-year-old Brazilian tourist, more than 1,500 people sign a petition calling for lifeguards to be stationed at Camber Sands beach.
  • Across the seas, young girl is rescued from a riptide in Newgale Beach. Finn Isles, the lifeguard who saved her, was well-prepared despite being a first-season guard.
  • Denver rescuers save a drowning child at Castle Rock, Colorado. The child was reportedly responsive throughout the entire incident.

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