Tips for Lifeguard in Warm Climates

Summer is finally here, so a lot of beaches and pools are gearing up for a busy season. Most people associate summer with heat and as temperatures climb, lifeguards may find themselves in need of uniforms that will keep them cool all day. Looking for the perfect one? Try one of these five lifeguard outfits for warm climates.

1. Lifeguard tank top

A classic summer outfit for lifeguards is a lifeguard tank top. Not only does it function as a great beach cover-up but it’s also a bulletproof way to dress up your lifeguard uniform while staying cool.

2. Swim shorts

We’re used to seeing a lot about swim trunks, which is a classic look for lifeguards — but swim shorts give you more room to breathe and cool off when the temperatures escalate in summer months. There are lots of different swim shorts in traditional lifeguard styles and colors for you to choose from.

3. Two-piece swimsuit

Now, this one depends on your facility’s uniform rules, but if you’re allowed to wear a two-piece you may want to consider it. Two-piece swimsuits allow you to cool off your midsection — which can really overheat when it starts to get toasty outside.

4. Water bottle

Suppose you do have a strict uniform code to abide by — that’s okay, there are still many ways to cool off. One of the most important ways to stay cool, refreshed and hydrated is by drinking water regularly throughout the day. Get a lifeguard-themed water bottle and you’re good to go!

5. Umbrella

Trying to beat the sun more than you beat the heat? Some areas are more susceptible to direct exposure to sunlight, and the best thing to do in those cases is to set up an umbrella. It will keep you in the shade so you can avoid the sun’s harmful, hot rays.

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