Lifeguard Tips for Hot Summer Days

Believe it or not, we’re halfway through the summer. We also happen to be halfway through the hottest month of the year: July. White sands, reflective water, and the bright sun add up to a dangerous combination of unbearable heat. If you’re working as a lifeguard, read on for tips on how to survive the hot summer days.

1) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

The first step to combating the summer heat is to drink water. You’ll naturally sweat out a lot of what is keeping you ​hydrated ​(water, gatorade, etc.), so it’s important to be replenishing that water loss throughout your day.

2) Use an umbrella

When the sun is beating down on you for an extended amount of time, using an umbrella is key. Most facilities and beaches will provide you with an umbrella—it’s a staple! If not, be sure to consult your manager about getting an umbrella for your station.

3) Wear a hat

Another way to shield yourself from the brightness and heat of the sun is to invest in a ​hat​. Not only does a hat protect your skin and eyes, but it will also keep you from getting a bad burn to the scalp.

4) Pack a coolie bag

This tip is especially handy if you know you’ll be working a long shift. You need to eat throughout the day to stay nourished. Sometimes the heat suppresses the appetite or causes you to lose sight of your hunger (being distracted by how hot you feel), so it’s important to have a coolie bag on hand with some of your favorite ​snacks​ that will give you the nourishment your body needs.

5) Dip in the water

Remember that you’re not alone in facing the struggle of hot summer days. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your supervisor or fellow lifeguards for their insight on how to deal with the heat. If all else fails, a dip in the pool or ocean should always do the trick!

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