Safety Tips for Wave Pools

Fall is upon us, so beaches and traditional pools are beginning to chill down in most states. Surfers and swimmers alike are finding alternative ways to get their wave time in. Enter: Wave pools. But first, learn how to stay safe in the waves.

What is a wave pool?

If you’re wondering what a wave pool even is, you’re not the only one. The upshot: A wave pool is a large swimming pool with artificially stimulated waves. Most of the time, these pools are freshwater pools. Occasionally, though, they’re filled with saltwater.

How to stay safe

1. Stay near a lifeguard.

A caveat to rule number one: Make sure a lifeguard is present. That should be a no-brainer! When you’re testing out the waters (ha!) of a wave pool, be sure to swim, surf, and body surf near a lifeguard. Just in case anything happens, they’ll have your back.

2. Start slow.

First time in a wave pool? Don’t run in with your arms flailing. Start out slowly — find your comfort zone!

3. Keep the water below your head.

The golden rule is to stay in your safe zone — where the water is below your head. If you were to lose balance, grow fatigued or not be able to swim, you need to be able to catch your breath. That starts with being above the water.

The last rule — have fun! Wave pools are great sources of practice, and they can be really fun with a group. Make sure you have the right equipment and attire to stay safe. Happy swimming!

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