What is the Right Lifeguard Chair you?

Believe it or not, there’s a lot that goes into picking the right lifeguard chairs for your team. Tall or short, colored or not, with or without an umbrella — these are the things you’ll think about when trying to determine the right chairs to buy. Don’t worry, we can help you out. Read on!

Inside or outside

The first step is determining how the lifeguard chair will be used. We know your lifeguards will take turns sitting in it while on duty, but the big question is: Inside or outside? If you’re at a pool at a gym or recreational center, you may be going for an indoor lifeguard chair, which won’t have the durability of an outdoor lifeguard chair but will also be cheaper.

On the flip side, an outdoor lifeguarding job warrants an outdoor lifeguard chair. These are typically weather-proof, highly durable, heavy and more expensive. You’ll find pros and cons to both types, and that’s why it’s important you pick a chair according to the environment it will live in.


You’ve probably seen some lifeguard chairs that appear really tall and others that look similar to a regular chair. The height of your chair really comes down to the amount of space being watched. If you’ve got a lot of lifeguards on duty, the chairs won’t be spaced too far apart and your lifeguards will have a pretty good reach of visibility without needing to be too high up.

On the other hand, if your lifeguards are spaced far apart, they’ll need to be higher up in their chairs to be able to see more. Also, keep in mind anything that could obstruct the view — trees, for example. Chances are, you won’t have too many big trees at the beach (maybe palms), but pools may have lots of trees. If there’s a chance your lifeguards’ views could be obstructed by anything like this, the higher chair the better.


Here’s the fun part! Picking a color for your lifeguard chair gives you some creativity. Our recommendation is to stay consistent with your chairs. Choose one color so that people can easily spot your team when they need help. Maybe you’ll even match your lifeguard chairs to your lifeguard uniforms!

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