Which lifeguard bag you should pick for your supplies

You’re ready for a day on the job, you’ve got your lifeguard suit on, and maybe you’re even matching it with a hat. When you sling your backpack over your shoulder and catch a glimpse in the mirror, one thing stands out. Your lifeguard bag doesn’t match the rest of your outfit. Don’t worry — we can help you. Here are some tips for picking the perfect lifeguard bag for your supplies.

Decide on a size

Everyone’s got a different sized load of stuff. While your lifeguarding teammates may only bring a couple of items with them to work, you might need more space for your stuff — or vice versa! Think about how many things you need to fit in your bag and let that guide your decision on which size you’ll need.

Figure out if you need waterproof or not

If you’re constantly in the water or you’re lifeguarding in the splash zone at a pool, you may want to ditch the traditional backpack altogether and opt for a waterproof box instead. Or you may use something like a waterproof hip pack bag. When deciding this, try to be realistic about how often your belongings will get wet.

Think about how on-the-go it should be

Lifeguards who are always on the go — bringing their belongings with them wherever they go — will need a bag that can travel with them without too much fuss. Think: Hip packs and drawstring bags. If you’re not on the go all the time, you may have more leeway with the style of your bag.

Get creative with it

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun and create lifeguarding outfits you’re proud of. Pick a color that works with your lifeguarding swimsuits and cover-ups. Or pick a few different colored bags so you can switch them out as you please. Uniform or not, you can always sneak in a little bit of your personality by the way you dress.

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