Advice on negotiating your hourly rate as a lifeguard

So, things are going well. You love your job, you’re a rockstar lifeguard, you’re making a difference in the world, and now, you’re ready for your first raise. Having the negotiation talk isn’t always easy — but when the time is right, it’s important you have it. Not sure how? Start with these tips.

1. Crunch the numbers.

When you’re asking for a raise, you first need to do some work on your end. Research competitive rates, tally up how long you’ve been working as a lifeguard, and make a list of what you bring to the team. Then, come to a reasonable number. That’s what you’ll ask for!

2. Set up a time to talk.

Asking for a raise shouldn’t be a conversation you have with your manager in passing. Something like “Hey, I’d like to make more money!” just won’t cut it. Tell your manager you have something you’d like to discuss and set up a time to talk.

3. Go in with confidence.

This is the easy part! You know your stuff, you know what you’re worth, and you’ve set aside time to talk to your manager. Now, you just need to collect your thoughts and ask for compensation that delights you.

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