3 Ways to Enforce Health and Safety at Your Facility

A lot of the time, we’re talking to lifeguards — helping them with their outfits, giving them safety tips and functioning as a forum for the lifeguard community as a whole. But there’s a whole other world of lifeguarding that lies at the hands of facility managers. If you’re wondering how to proceed into the summer while following health and safety guidelines, read along for more information

1. Be prepared

One of the best ways to get ready for a healthy and safe summer is by preparing. That means ordering the right viral protection equipment ahead of time and having a meeting with your lifeguard team to make sure everyone is aware of new guidelines to follow.

2. Put distancing measures in place

This falls under the category of “be prepared,” but it’s also something a little new to most of us. We usually don’t have this step in the preparation phase, but this year it’s critical that you put distancing measures in place. Make sure to order social distancing stickers and space them out at least 6 feet apart. You may need to hire a second lifeguard for shifts to be in charge of enforcing social distancing.

3. Get the team ready

What all does this entail? A lot. First, make sure everyone on your lifeguarding team is aware of new safety precautions. Teach them how to use a bag-mask valve — and of course, make sure you order enough for everyone. This is also a good time for you to gauge comfort levels. This summer, things are looking a little different. Be in tune with your crew and assure them that you’re there to help mitigate any issues that may arise.

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