Choose a lifeguard uniform that fits you

When it comes to choosing a lifeguard uniform, there’s a lot to consider. You need to pick out a color, style and size that works for your body and will allow you to move with speed and agility while on the job. Some lifeguards even have uniform requirements from their beach or pool managers. Looking for the perfect uniform? Start here!

Choose your style

There are so many styles to choose from. To narrow down the list, start here:

  • One-piece or two-piece? Think about the requirements of your pool or beach facility and the amount of sun exposure you want (or don’t want).
  • Thin strap or thick strap? With a thin strap bathing suit, you’ll have less support but more flexibility. With a thick strap, you’ll have more support but less flexibility.
  • Short shorts or board shorts? This may be a style call for you — try out both if you need to see which one works best!

Determine your size

When you’re trying to determine the right size for your lifeguard uniform, look at a few different things:

  • Material. Some materials (like cotton) shrink easily. Others barely shrink! Take a look at this when you’re looking at different uniforms.
  • Inseam. This won’t tell you how wide your suit will be, but it does tell you the length — which is important to know!
  • Store size. Look at the US store size of your suit. If you don’t know yours, grab a measuring tape and see what your size is.

Get colorful

Some say that color doesn’t impact your size, but we say YES, it does! The color of your suit reflects a bit of your personality, and it can really change your appearance. If possible, pick a suit color that makes you the most confident.

Ready to pick out your suit? We’re here to help. Browse all of our suits and sales today!


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