Celebrate Lifeguard Appreciation Day This August 10th!

July is coming to a close, which means a balmy August is right around the corner. In lifeguard land, August is a big deal — because it’s when we celebrate Lifeguard Appreciation Day on August 10. If you’re looking for some ways to celebrate, whether you’re honoring yourself or a lifeguard friend, we’ve got you covered.

1. LIFE Rescue Tube

If you’re really trying to show your appreciation, go all out with a life rescue tube! In our opinion, every lifeguard needs a life rescue tube for safety and convenience purposes. The life rescue tube gives you everything you need to perform quick rescues on the job.

2. Whistle and Lanyard

Have some fun with it. A whistle and lanyard is a perfect way to commemorate Lifeguard Appreciation Day. As you know, a lifeguard can never have too many whistles!

3. Megaphone

Lifeguards know the universal struggle of a long, busy day. Not only is it physically exhausting, but it’s also vocally exhausting. Take this day to go in on a luxury lifeguard item — the megaphone. No more screaming on the job!

4. Lifeguard Face Mask

COVID-19 is affecting all areas of life right now, and lifeguards are 100% included in that. On the job, lifeguards should be wearing masks at all times. In honor of Lifeguard Appreciation Day, you may consider buying a lifeguard face mask.

5. Lifeguard Beach Towel

Lifeguards lay out at the beach too! And it’s a lot more fun when you have a lifeguard beach towel to spread out and lay on. Pick a lifeguard staple color of your choice!

Ready to go e-shopping? We’ve got lots for you to choose from. No matter how big or small you’ll celebrate this day, the important thing is that you’re taking the time to honor lifeguards around the globe. It’s much-deserved!

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