How to Stylize Your Lifeguard Uniform

The traditional lifeguard uniform has come a long way. From “GUARD” graphic tees to red monokinis, there’s a robust history behind lifeguard attire. If you’re looking for ways to dress up (or dress down!) your lifeguard uniform, look no further. We have lots of ways to add personality to your lifeguard uniform. The best part? They’re affordable!

Throw on a cap

Who doesn’t love a good lifeguard cap? If you like a monochromatic look, pick a hat that matches the exact color of your outfit. Looking to add another color to your wardrobe? Experiment with different colors with your lifeguard hat.

Color up your whistles

If you’re going for a more subtle way to add personality to your uniform, opt for a colored whistle. You can match it with your uniform or add a pop of color to spice things up.

Get a fun towel

Stripes, polka dots, or bright solid colors — towels can make a huge difference to your overall lifeguard get-up. You’ll be sure to get a lot of attention when you walk into work with a fun, vibrant towel!

Dress it up with your face mask

Right now, it’s critical that you wear a face mask when you’re on the job and around other people. Get a face mask that adds a little pizzazz to your overall look — or go for a neck gaiter!

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