How lifeguards can prepare for hurricanes

Hurricane season is officially upon us, and we’re about to be in the peak month of it. While we’re crossing our fingers for sunny days and warm breezes throughout the fall, it’s always good to prepare for the worst. In the case of lifeguards and beach/pool managers, the worst would be a hurricane. Here are a few tips for staying prepared for anything hurricane season may throw your way.

Expect the unexpected

When it comes to hurricanes, you never know what you’re going to get. You can tune in to the news, but as you probably know — there usually aren’t many guarantees. So, expect the unexpected! Review what to do when a hurricane hits and stock up on the supplies that will get you through the disaster.

Talk to your manager

Chances are, your manager knows a thing or two about hurricane prep — especially if they’ve lived in Florida. Ask your manager about best practices with hurricane preparation. See if they have any tips on how to stay calm or how to pack the right things in your first aid kit.

Stay in the know

In the midst of a hurricane, you won’t be putting hours on the beach or at the pool. But you may be recruited to help out in other areas of the community. You are a lifeguard, after all! This is what you’re the best at. Stay in the know about what’s going on and where help might be needed.

Keep calm

This one may seem a little hard to do, but it pays off big time. The community looks to you as someone who can bring calm and help to any situation handed their way. To help others, you’ll need to help yourself first. Try to find breathing techniques or use yoga as a method to decompress.

It’s safe to say we all hope to have a dry hurricane season this year. But if we don’t, you’re already a step ahead of the curve by getting prepared now.

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