How is COVID-19 Impacting Lifeguarding Now?

These days, it seems like every news article has something to do with the coronavirus. Why? Because it’s a huge part of our world right now. COVID-19 has impacted the globe, so it’s no surprise that it’s impacting the lifeguarding industry. Curious how it’s making an impact? Read more to learn how!

As you may know, lifeguard shortages began to surface last summer. The shortage of lifeguards impacted pools, beaches and fitness centers, as managers had to cut open hours or find alternate means of supervision.

With COVID-19, cities are seeing less and less lifeguard applicants. This isn’t localized to lifeguarding, but it’s certainly an industry that is severely impacted. Without lifeguards, most beaches and pools can’t operate at all.

That being said, there’s a silver lining. This, like many byproducts of the coronavirus, will pass. Plus, there are still lots of devoted lifeguards who will stop at nothing to protect their community. A perfect example is 20-year-old lifeguard Pat Wilson, who said, “The beach is part of everybody’s summer and lifeguards are a vital part of that. So it’s a risk we’re willing to assume even if there’s a bit of additional risk this summer.”

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