Healthy, Tasty Snacks That Won’t Melt in the Sun

8-hour days, blazing sun, thirst, and hunger doesn’t always mix well together. You may be taking a lunch break on the job and staying hydrated throughout the day, but it’s easy to forget to listen to your body’s need for snack breaks. As a lifeguard you’ll need to find snacks that beat the heat and are healthy.

1. Whole wheat pretzels and almond butter

Whole wheat pretzels are the healthy alternative to sodium clad, carb-loaded chips. These last in the sun and can be paired with almond butter for added flavor and much-needed healthy fats.

2. Fruit chips

If dried fruit isn’t your thing, try out the up-and-coming fruit chips that have been sweeping the market — banana chips and apple chips to name a few. Buy these healthy snacks in bulk and pack them in a small bag to keep them fresh!


3. Nutrition bars

Look no further for a grab-and-go snack that will self-preserve in the sun – nutrition bars are the perfect snack for a long beach day. You can tailor your options to what your body needs. Protein bars may help on a day when you’re physically exhausted, whereas fruit & nut bars will give a nice energy boost.

4. Vegetable chips

Try complementing your fruit chips with their cousin, veggie chips. Whether or not you’re a veggie lover doesn’t matter too much. Typically, dehydrated vegetables lose their traditional “green” flavor — veggie straws and kale chips are a perfect example of this.


5. Nuts and trail mixes

The classic camp snack has stuck around for a reason. Trail mixes pack in nutrition and flavor while staying fresh in all types of weather. It’s easy to casually munch on trail mix while on the job, and it won’t melt or expire.


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