Former Lifeguard Rescues Groom On His Wedding Day

Wedding days are destined to be a little crazy and chaotic, but a near-death experience is a totally different story! This past Saturday, former lifeguard Sonia Taylor was spending time at Cocoa Beach, Florida, when she saw commotion in the water.

She noticed it was a group of men who seemed to be struggling in the water. Her lifeguard instincts enabled her to move swiftly, and she immediately grabbed a set of boogie boards and plunged into the water to rescue them. In an interview with Fox 13 News, she recalled, “Three were hurting,” she said. “One was sick to his stomach because he had swallowed so much salt water.” She was able to rescue the group of men in a timely manner.


Little did she know, one of the victims was getting married that day. Shortly after the rescue, the groom expressed his appreciation to Sonia for the rescue. He told her, “’It’s a really important day for me to be alive.” Thanks to Sonia, the wedding went on!

She noted that later in the day, it seemed like all was well. In an interview she said, “I saw them leave the hotel, and they looked like they were in good spirits and were about to have a very fun night, so I’m glad that worked out for them.”

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