Five Resources Lifeguard Should Follow When You’re Stuck at Home

As we continue to experience a different kind of world due to COVID-19, we’re seeing all kinds of new feelings and norms. Some of us are getting stir crazy, while others are adapting gracefully. No matter what your experience is at this time, there’s something you’re going through, and we’re here to back you up.

Lots of people are using this extra time at home to get around to things that they’ve been wanting to do but haven’t found the “home time” to do them. That’s why we’re suggesting you use this time to read up on lifeguard blogs and other relevant resources — here are 5 to help you get started!

1. American Red Cross

You could spend DAYS on American Red Cross. There’s so much information! That being said, we’ll focus your attention on the lifeguard resources offered by American Red Cross. You can find all sorts of helpful guides, tests and information sessions on the site.

2. United States Lifesaving Association

USLA is another great resource for anyone looking to brush up on their skills, study for certification exams or browse thought leadership material on lifeguarding. Check it out!

3. Lifesaving Society

Not as many people know about Lifesaving Society, but it’s still really valuable. Here you can find updated materials and documents for lifeguards, and when you have some extra time at home… why not give them a read?!

4. has an array of lifeguard solutions, ranging from uniforms, to facility equipment, & of course medical supplies.

5. Lifeguard TV

Of course yours truly, Lifeguard TV! We’re still keeping you in the loop on all lifeguard-related news and updates you should be concerned with. Follow us and join the conversation! Click here to keep up to date.


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