10th Annual Surfing Santas Competition in Cocoa Beach Florida

Every year, beach-goers, surfers, and sun-lovers gather in the small town of Cocoa Beach to cheer on a group of surfers … dressed like Santa! This year is no different. In fact, it’s a special year because we’re celebrating 10 years of this Brevard tradition. If you’re looking to join thousands of others in the audience this year, read on to learn more about this hometown tradition.

How it Began

Ten years ago, Surfing Santas began with George Trosset. He rode the waves into the shore, donned in a Santa costume. He was with his son and daughter-in-law, both of whom were dressed as elves. Unbeknownst to Trosset, what started as a holiday trio would later become a Brevard legend.

While Trosset was riding waves, a Florida Today photographer seized the moment as a perfect opportunity to show off a festive holiday partaking, snapped a picture, and submitted it to go on the front cover of the paper. That’s where the idea picked up traction.

Joining in on the Fun

The following year (2010), Trosset was accompanied by several other Santas. His small idea transformed into a yearly gathering of the community. Now, 10 years later, thousands of people come together to either participate in the event or watch the event.

In 2018, the event hosted over 600 Surfing Santas, with roughly 10,000 people watching.

“Surfing Santas became the best-kept secret in Cocoa Beach. Surfing Santas is my Christmas. I know we’re making lots of smiles around the world and to me that’s important,” said Trosset.

Making an Impact

Surfing Santas is all about fun, community, and happiness, and Trosset stands by that 100%. This year, the event will benefit two local charities: Grind for Life (for cancer victims) and the Florida Surf Museum (a museum dedicated to the history of surfing).

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