From Lifeguard To Celebrity

Everyone gets their start somewhere. For some celebrities, that starting point was lifeguarding. Working as a lifeguard builds physical and mental skills — everything from fast, critical thinking to physical strength and endurance. Curious which household names got their start as lifeguards? Read on.

1. Sean Connery

He may be known as Mr. James Bond, but Connery did lots of odd jobs before he reached that status. In the 50s, he worked as a lifeguard at Portobello’s open-air pool in Edinburgh, Scotland. A few other noteworthy — and some odd — jobs he had prior to acting: bodybuilding, brick-laying and coffin-bleaching.


2. Jake Gyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal landed his stardom at a young age. Prior to his fame, he was a lifeguard. He didn’t report having any massive rescues, but he did have one smaller-scale save. While on the job, a swimmer was stung by a jellyfish — and Gyllenhaal helped alleviate the swimmer’s pain.

3. Vince Vaughn

Sometimes known as Mr. Sunshine, Vince Vaughn is a successful actor, comedian and screenwriter. Before he hit the limelight, he was in the sunlight as a Mr. Sunshine and a Mr. Lifeguard. He worked at a YMCA pool — rumor has it he was fired several times for showing up to work late.

4. Ronald Reagan

Our 40th president had a past life as a strong, successful lifeguard in his childhood town, Dixon, Illinois. It’s reported that he rescued 77 people from the waters of Lowell Park Beach in his time as a lifeguard.

5. Gordon Scott

Gordon Scott worked up his muscular physique well before he starred as Tarzan — as a former lifeguard, GI and fireman. He worked at the Sahara Hotel pool in Las Vegas, and that’s where he was discovered by Hollywood producer Sol Lesser.

Lifeguarding is a valiant profession, and it happens to be a starting point for several successful people. If you’re considering becoming a lifeguard, do it Stick around for more fun facts about lifeguarding, deals on lifeguard uniforms and accessories, and tips on being the best lifeguard you can be.

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