Top Lifeguard Quotes of All Time

For lifeguards, safety is always the #1 priority. We’re always talking about safety precautions and rescues and now, COVID-19! While we’re all about safety, we also love the fun part of being a lifeguard. We’ve compiled a list of the best lifeguarding quotes of all time.

1. “A lifeguard is like a storm shelter. You may never need it, but if you do, it can be a lifesaver.”

In our opinion, you ALWAYS need a lifeguard if you’re going to be near water!

2. “The steps of a lifeguard are driven by commitment.”

Commitment, hard work and motivation. Being a lifeguard is no small feat!

3. “Being a lifeguard is not a summer job. It’s a lifelong commitment.”

Talk about commitment again! It sure is. And we’re all proud to be part of that lifelong commitment.

4. “A lifeguard is like a light guiding others to safety.”

That’s right!

5. “A lifeguard doesn’t wait for his ship to come in. He swims to it.”

Every day a lifeguard goes to work, they make the decision to put others’ lives before their own.

6. “Protect the bay at all costs.”

Of course we had to throw in a quote from our friends at Baywatch! Whether you lifeguard at the beach, the pool, a bay or a gym, you’ll protect your zone at all costs.

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