Benefit of Using a Kickboard for Swim Lessons

Remember when you first learned how to swim and you started with a kickboard? You probably thought it was just a tool for beginners to learn how to kick their feet in the water. Sure, that’s partially true — but kickboards do so much more. If you’re looking to sharpen your swimming skills or get in tip-top lifeguard shape, read on to learn why using a kickboard is so beneficial.

Kickboards help you hone in on your form

Just like the dolphin kick is different from the butterfly kick, different exercises help you practice a range of forms. At some point, you’ll use your whole body to execute these forms — but while you’re getting the hang of it, isolation is important. To improve your holistic performance as a swimmer, grab a kickboard and focus on your legs.

You can take an upper body break

It’s no secret that swimming is a full-body workout, but it’s certainly intensive on the upper body. If you’re practicing several days a week, it’s important that you listen to your body and know when to switch from a muscle group. Exercising the same muscle group every day can lead to fatigue. Instead, pick a day of the week to focus on your lower body. Your kickboard can assist!


Kickboards stand alone as a workout

Of course, sharpening your swimming skills is important, but another benefit of kickboards is the workout they provide. When you’re hitting the pool purely for a workout, ignore your form and your balance and breathing. Instead, just focus on building your power and endurance as you flutter and kick your legs.

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