Are Cities Extending Lifeguard Season?

Over the past few weeks, several cities have announced that they are extending lifeguard season this year. Questions have surfaced. After all, we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. Wouldn’t it seem like the opposite would occur? We’ll answer all of your questions and more in this article — read along!

An abnormal year

As you know, it’s been an abnormal year. We went into lockdown, we came out of it, and then we went into lockdown again… sort of?

The bottom line is it’s been pretty weird, which explains why there’s a big question mark about this year’s lifeguarding season. But as we’ve stepped into it, numbers are showing a high rate of beach attendees — which calls for a greater need for lifeguards.

The longer lifeguard season

Most cities can agree that lifeguard season typically tapers off after Labor Day Weekend. But this year, that’s not the case. Take Outer Banks lifeguards, for example. The crowds aren’t going away any time soon, so lifeguards are staying on the beaches.

Tybee Island is another example. Tybee Island City Manager, Shawn Gillen, had something to say about this. “We’re being prepared for larger numbers later in the season. Especially on the weekends.”

So, why the crowds? The answer is pretty simple. With more and more people staying in their homes, outdoor locations are becoming prime spots for socially-distanced gatherings. Beaches and pools are no exceptions here. Is your city extending its lifeguard season? Let us know!

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