6 Tips For Lifeguards When it Gets Cold Outside

Just because the temperatures drop doesn’t mean lifeguards do. We always need an observant eye looking out for the safety of beach patrons and pool visitors, so lifeguards work rain or shine, hot or cold. If you’re trying to bear the chill, try out some of these tips!

1. Drink Something Warm

Hot cocoa is a December go-to, but if you’re trying to double up on energy, you may opt for coffee. Either way, a hot drink is sure to warm you up. Grab a thermos and fill it up!

2. Pile on the Layers

When it’s freezing outside, you’re not expected to bear it bare-chested. Instead, bundle up with a lifeguard hoodie. Bonus: If the sun is extra bright, you can use the hood to shield you from its rays.

3. Stay Moisturized

Lotion acts as an insulator when you’re cold by keeping heat trapped in your skin better. Use an SPF sunscreen lotion to moisturize before your shift and you’ll be feeling warmer as soon as you step outside.

4. Work it out

You can’t do a full-on exercise while you’re on duty, but you can stand up and move your body to get the heat flowing.

5. Invest in Sweatpants

If it’s really cold, you may need more than your lifeguard shorts and hoodie. Enter sweatpants, the ultimate warm-up clothing! The beauty of these is that they warm you up, keep you comfy, and they match the rest of your lifeguard attire.

6. Ditch the Tee

Depending on where you live, you may be somewhere between a t-shirt and a hoodie, which puts you smack dab in the middle with a long-sleeve shirt. These come in a variety of colors, and they give you a lot of leeway for mobility.


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