Ways to Dress up Your Lifeguard Uniform with a Hat

Are you trying to find a way to set your lifeguard uniform apart from the others? It’s easier said than done because you have limited clothing articles to work with. You’re likely not wearing any shoes, accessories get in the way of your mobility, and you’re probably following a uniform code for your bathing suit. That’s why we’re showing you how to spunk up your lifeguard attire with different types of headwear.

  1. The Visor

Visors are easy and breathable, AND you’re limitless when it comes to color options! The only thing to watch out for is that visors don’t fully cover the top of your head.

  1. Straw Hat

If you’re looking for extra protection from the sun and a neutral to complement your bright suit, you may opt for a straw hat. Bonus: It’s easy to spot you out of a crowd with a big straw hat!

  1. The Original

Match your suit to a tee with a bright red lifeguard-branded hat. This hat gives you protection from the sun, and it has a mesh backing that gives you room to breathe.

  1. Blend in with the Camo Cap

Who are we kidding? You won’t blend in with this cap on the beach—and that’s exactly the point! This camo cap allows you to put your own unique touch on your lifeguard uniform.

  1. Add Some Flair with a Design Lifeguard Hat

For anyone feeling artsy or particularly fashion-savvy, a floral design on your cap may be on your radar. It’s the perfect pop of color (and design) to your outfit!


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