5 Items You Need for Your Lifeguard Halloween Costume

We’ve started the countdown to Halloween. It’s a fun day to be whoever you want to be. Naturally, we’re going to keep living out our dreams (and realities) of being lifeguards. What about you? Do you love lifeguarding and want to represent your profession on October 31st? Or are you thinking about becoming a lifeguard and ready to test it out as a costume first? Either way, start with a costume and start at elifeguard.com!

1. Board Shorts or Bathing Suit

Get creative and tailor your outfit to your preferences — and the weather. A lifeguard bathing suit may be too chilly if you live in a colder climate. In this case, opt for board shorts or sweatpants.

2. Lifeguard Hat

You may not be covering your face for this costume, but a lifeguard hat is an absolute necessity. Add a little personality with a fun color, straw hat, or stick to the traditional lifeguard colors and design.

3. Whistle

Every lifeguard needs a whistle to sound off alarm bells when someone is in danger… or to let someone know they’ve gone past a permitted zone. Lifeguards add a pop of color to your entire costume. If you’re dressing up and matching your friends, order a pack of whistles so everyone gets one.

4. Lanyard

Another way to make it clear that you’re a lifeguard: Throw on a lanyard. This is another great customization and personalization opportunity for your costume. Bonus: you can hang your keys on your lanyard so you don’t lose them throughout Halloween night.

5. Life Rescue Tube

If you want to go all out on your costume props, a life rescue tube is the finishing touch for your outfit. Lifeguards use life rescue tubes to perform saves on drowning victims or other people in danger. You’ll be the star of the show if you carry one of these around with you!

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