5 Bathing Suits for Female Lifeguards This Summer

Lifeguard fashion is not limited to red one-piece suits with a white cross in the middle. This, of course, is still a fantastic option — but it’s important you know it isn’t the only option. If you’re looking for more summer bathing suits as a female lifeguard, read along for more!

1. Two-tone two-piece

Trouble with twos! Get a two-tone two-piece bathing suit for a trendy way to cool off for the summer. With a two-piece, you get more breathability — and wearing a two-tone bathing suit affords you more ways to customize your style and make it more “you”!

2. Thick strap

For female lifeguards, the classic look is a thin-strap one-piece bathing suit. But if you’re looking for extra support and a little spunk, you can try out a thick strap bathing suit. This one comes in several different colors!

3. Boyshorts

Another way to mix it up? Throw on a pair of boyshorts. Not only do these give you more coverage, but they give you another way to add your own style to your outfit.

4. T-shirt and whistle

For a lifeguard-proud cover-up, opt for a t-shirt, shorts and whistle combination. The lifeguard whistle is an asset to your uniform — in fact, most facilities will require it. The t-shirt gives you something comfy to pull over when you’re opting for a cover-up look.

5. Light jacket

Most lifeguards are trying to beat the heat in the hot summer months, but it’s still a good idea to be ready for a windy or rainy day with a lightweight lifeguard jacket. Rain or shine, you’ll be ready for the job!

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