5 Gifts for your Lifeguard Friends and Family Stockings

Looking for a stocking stuffer for your lifeguard loved ones? Look no further. We’ve got lifeguard goodies for stockings big and small — so take a look at this list and pick the ones that you think will make them smile.

1. Sunscreen wall mount

It may not sound exciting, but it sure is useful. A sunscreen wall mount is the perfect gift for indoor and pool lifeguards — because as you probably know, they’re going to need to find a place to put their sunscreen.

2. Aluminum lifeguard whistle

If this is a lifeguard friend of yours, we’re guessing they already have a lifeguard whistle or two. But what about a premium aluminum whistle? Crystal clear sound, trendy look. It’s a win-win!

3. Flexible visor

For sun blockage and a little added flair to an outfit, get your family and friends a flexible visor — for less than $10!


4. Cufflinks

With the holidays upon us, your friends might have a few occasions where they’ll need to dress up (even if it’s for a Zoom call). Lifeguard cufflinks are a subtle way to nod to their passion, while also dressing up the outfit.

5. Felt Santa hat

How’s this for holiday cheer? Stuff a Santa hat in their stockings for the next time they’re on duty!

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