5 songs that are relatable to lifeguarding

Have you ever thought about listening to lifeguard songs? Maybe on your way to work, maybe during your greatest workouts at the gym. Good news — there are plenty of lifeguard songs out there. Look out, Spotify playlists! We’ve got a list of songs that any lifeguard will appreciate.

1. I wanna be a lifeguard

You heard it right! “I wanna be a lifeguard” is probably the anthem of any aspiring lifeguard. Listen to this while you’re training, studying for your CPR certification or keeping up with your daily workouts.

2. Lifeguard on duty

This one’s a little unique, but it still has “lifeguard” in the title. This ‘90s song is a great addition to your playlist — even if the lyrics aren’t about life whistles and rescue tubes.

3. It’s summer

We know what you’re thinking. It’s winter, not summer! But this song can give you the fresh feeling of summer any month of the year.

4. Soak up the sun

As you probably know, lifeguards spend a lot of time in the sun. This feel-good Sheryl Crow song is a classic for lifeguards and aspiring lifeguards of all kinds.

5. On the beach

Seagulls, radio and a crowd of people — these lyrics sing songs of summer and lifeguarding. Close out your playlist with this tune!


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