5 Timeless Lifeguard Swimsuits

We’re all about trends here, but we know that trends come and go. Sometimes, you just want a timeless lifeguard suit that will last you your entire lifeguarding career. Sound like you? Try one of these five timeless swimsuits!

1. White shirt and red shorts

If you’re trying to really look the part, white and red is the color combination for you. Most people associate lifeguards with white and red garb, so you’re sure to be recognized if you opt for this pairing.

2. Red thin strap one-piece

Women’s swimsuits are changing it up all the time, from pink suits to striped ones. But the classic is always a red thin strap one-piece. What we love most about it? It’s comfortable, breathable and it moves as you move. And of course, it helps you stand out among the crowd of beach-goers.

3. Red board shorts

Surprised we picked red again? That’s a constant with lifeguarding. Board shorts are timeless, yet sometimes unexpected. They’ll work with any kind of t-shirt, and you don’t have to worry about them shrinking in the wash.

4. Red two-piece

When it gets really hot, some women opt for a two-piece. You can still get one that is timeless and sticks with you as you grow up — just make sure you go for a red proback two-piece! This gives you enough coverage while also letting you cool down when the sun is beaming on you.

5. Red wind jacket

Wind jackets come in handy for anyone who lives in cold climates. If you’re trying to find something that will survive the trends, go for a red wind jacket. Plus, it’ll get you through windy or rainy days.

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