3 ways your kids can get involved in lifeguarding

Parents, have you ever thought about getting your kids into lifeguarding? Maybe, maybe not. But we’re here to let you know that it’s simple and worthwhile. Teens and young adults who become lifeguards learn lessons that last a lifetime. There’s no need to force them into a lifeguarding career — but it’s a good idea to expose them to the field. Here are three ways to get them thinking about it!

1. Take them to the beach.

We’re all used to seeing lifeguards on the beach, but we rarely think about what they’re actually doing out there. The next time you go to the beach with your kids, sit near a lifeguard so your kids can see the lifeguard in action.

2. Talk to a lifeguard.

Reach out to a local lifeguard to see if they’d be willing to have a 15-30 minute chat with your kids about their job. They’ll most likely be more than willing to talk about how much they love their job! Empower your kids to bring all their burning questions.


3. Show them a lifeguard movie.

Bring out the movies! While most lifeguarding movies over-glamorize the job, it’s still a great way to get your kids thinking about lifeguarding as a possible career. Just make sure you assure them that lifeguarding in real life is a little different — and a lot of hard work!

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