3 Items Every Lifeguard Must Have

If you’ve ever seen a lifeguard, you’ve probably seen them loaded with equipment and gear. It’s true — lifeguards need a lot of gear. They’re saving lives, after all! If we had to narrow it down to three things, though, here are our top lifeguard needs.

1. Life rescue tube

Life rescue tubes make rescuing a drowning victim faster and easier when performing lifesaving maneuvers. They don’t absorb water or deteriorate, unlike regular rescue tubes or rescue tools. Every lifeguard needs a rescue tube to throw to victims in need.

2. Lifeguard chair

What’s a lifeguard without their lifeguard chair? Probably a pretty uncomfortable lifeguard! Most facilities and beaches provide lifeguard chairs for their lifeguards, but you may find yourself in a situation where you need a lifeguard chair, there are plenty on elifeguard.com!

3. First aid kit

Whether they’re putting a band-aid over a cut or in need of a place to store your bag valve mask, lifeguards should all have first aid kits on their must-have list. Pro tip: Get a hip pack first aid kit so it’s easy to keep on you at all times.

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