3 things every lifeguard must-haves for this fall

Fall is officially upon us and we’re finding ways to dress up and warm up lifeguard wardrobes. Is it easy? Not always! But it’s certainly do-able. Start shopping today for a warm and cozy lifeguard outfit, starting with these 3 must-haves.

Warm hoodie

There’s nothing like a warm and snuggly fleece-lined hoodie for chilly weather. Whether you’re gearing up for an outdoor shift or you need a pullover to get you from your car to your fitness center, a lifeguard hoodie will do the trick!

Gaiter face mask

This one is especially helpful for those of you living in windy cities (looking at you, Chicago!). A gaiter face mask does a good job of protecting your face from harsh winds, guarding your face from the sun’s rays and now, giving you another layer of protection from the coronavirus.

Beach towel

Who says beach towels are just for the swimmers and beach-goers? Lifeguards need beach towels too — and it’s a great way to warm up if you’re still cold under your hoodie.

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