3 COVID-19 Essentials for Lifeguards

With summer right around the corner, many lifeguards (and future lifeguards) are wondering how they need to prepare for COVID-19. Whether you’re going back to work or prepping for the next busy season, we’re here to help you with your checklist of COVID-19 essentials.

1. Face mask

We’re seeing them everywhere for a reason. Face masks help protect you from airborne particles that could possibly lead to infection. At this time, it’s advised that you wear a face mask any time you leave the house, but we especially caution you to wear one if you’re going to be interacting with people.

2. Hand sanitizer

Right now, it’s important to wash your hands. But sometimes… you can’t! When you’re not by a sink and soap, use hand sanitizer instead. This hand sanitizer comes with aloe so you’re moisturizing while disinfecting.

3. Gloves

Your hands carry a lot of bacteria — a LOT. While we’re still figuring out how to combat the coronavirus, it’s important that we’re as protected as possible. For your next shift, slap on a pair of gloves!

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