The American Red Cross Unveils Innovative New Spinal Backboard!

The American Red Cross recently unveiled a new spinal backboard made from lightweight and stable plastic that is ideal for “lifeguard training and rescue” according to the agency’s website.  Designed by Lifeguards, the new backboard incorporates internal flotation rods to adjust the buoyancy to the desired level.  The backboard is stated to be superior to older similar styles in that it features more durable components designed to last considerably longer.  It also uses a color-coded strap system to assist the rescuers with victim positioning.

The innovative coated Head Bed System of the new Red Cross Backboard is said to be extremely durable and not inclined to absorb blood or other fluids the way other models do.  The coated head blocks are replaceable for more versatility and replacement potential if needed.

The American Red Cross Spinal Backboard is available in classic Red Cross red / white / black color combination with American Red Cross logo.

For more information visit the Red Cross Store Website:

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