New American Red Cross Rescue Tube Leads The Way In The Aquatics Industry

The American Red Cross has been the leading force in aquatics and lifeguarding for too many decades to count. Most everyone involved in aquatics looks to the Red Cross as the standard bearer for all things water safety related. If the Red Cross says do this or that, people stand up (or swim up) and take notice.

Anyone that has ever used an old vinyl coated rescue tube, that cracks, peels, and absorbs water, knows how frustrating that can be. The Red Cross has apparently solved this durability issue and then some with its LIFE™ Rescue Tube, a new type of Rescue Tube which is said to not peel, crack or absorb water like the old ones. The revolutionary design of this new tube is also purported to improve lifesaving rescue response time and augment rescue capabilities once a victim is reached.

Rescue tubes, in general, have made little in the way of improvements over the last half a century or so, much to the chagrin of lifeguards. The new LIFE Rescue Tube features a cutting edge and innovative, highly durable, UV Resistant, waterproof foam that is molded to include patented grip handles (LIFE GRIPS™) and a unique replaceable strap system. This new Red Cross rescue tube design has already quickly become the No. 1 selling rescue tube in the US and Worldwide.

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