New Lifeguard Outfits to Ring in the New Year

New year, new clothes… right? We’re still in the chilly months of the year, but lifeguard season is right around the corner! Whether you’re shopping for a new look or just browsing the latest trends, here are 5 new looks for 2020!

1.Striped Board Short

Add some life to your look with a striped pattern. This striped board short features wide stripes of lifeguard red and navy blue. We’re a little ahead of game here, but this striped board short would also look great for the Fourth of July!

2. Lifeguard Ultralight Jacket

When it’s cold out, you’ll need to layer up as much as you can. Try an ultralight jacket to match the rest of your outfit. It works as a windbreaker and shield from the sun!

3. Lifeguard Super Proback

Thin strap or thick strap? It’s hard to choose so why not try a strap that is just right? With the super proback, you get the support you need and the style you love!

4. Lifeguard Visor

If you’re trying to mix it up with your headwear, you can opt for a different kind of a look with a colored visor. Visors add a nice pop of color and they shield your eyes from the sun—win-win!

5. Lifeguard Hip Pack

Add a hip pack for extra storage and an extra flair! Hip packs come in a variety of colors to go with the rest of your lifeguard outfit.

How will you mix up your lifeguard wardrobe for this year? Let us know!

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